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Heel Pads Inserts for Height

Heel Pads Inserts for Height

Heel Pads Inserts for Height Genuine leather heelpieces with vegetal tanning, without any chemical treatment. Foot pads increase height with

Whether you’re wearing tennis pumps or high heels, our cushioning food aids give you the best in foot care remedies. Our shoe insoles can turn a loose boot into a snug fit, while soft shoe inserts combat any rubbing issues for protection against blisters. Arch support pads work to help relieve pain. If you’re after an extra-cushioned feel, try our anti skid pads.

We also have :

  • heel pads that are ideal when it comes to shock absorption and supporting the foot when exercising. The cushioning of the pad helps to protect the foot against the impact. They support the joints, ligaments and tendons of the foot.
  • heel grips that prevent the heel from slipping out of the shoe, keeping your foot in a more comfortable position.
  • heel lifts to provide an extra lift at the back of the shoe, which can help promote good, natural foot positioning. They can be stuck down onto an orthotic or sole to give a secure, non-slip application.